Pokémon UNITE News: This League of Legends-type combat video game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on July 21


The long-awaited Pokémon UNITE is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. This video game combines the characters, monsters and attacks that we already know with the mechanics of the famous League of Legends. But, with its small and important differences: a more moderate difficulty, a friendly community and new surprises.

Pokémon UNITE will be available on Nintendo Switch on July 21 and, if you get there fast, you can download Zeraora. He will have powerful close-range attacks such as his Plasma Gale (lightning thunder). This special offer will end on August 31st, so download it, install it and take the victory.

What is Pokémon UNITE about?

Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 lane combat game. As in League of Legends, you will have to defeat other wild beasts to make your team level up and evolve.

To win, you will have to score more points than the opposing team before time runs out.

Points? Yes. Like this mighty Zeraora, you will have to score on one of the opposing team’s hoops to score a point for your team. Although, it will surely not be an easy thing.

The final version of Pokémon UNITE will arrive in September for mobile devices, as well as the French, Italian, Spanish and German versions.

So, there is no excuse to enjoy this game. For more information, follow their official page closely.


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