ATLANTA – After the death of George Floyd there is another African American killed by the police in the United States, and a new shock video ended on the net. Since this morning, dozens of people have gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, near an area occupied by a parking lot, where the police killed a 27-year-old African American overnight. According to the agents’ reconstruction, a patrol had intervened last night to arrest the young man, Rayshard Brooks, lying on the ground to sleep in the middle of a parking lot. The man, as documented by the video shot by a person who was in a car parked in the parking lot, reacted, managing to snatch a paralyzing “teaser” from the hands of an agent, then attempting to escape on foot.

At that point the policemen shot him at least three pistol shots in rapid succession to the back. There are two conflicting versions of what happened next: according to the first, provided by the agents, Brooks was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. According to a witness, however, the man would have been left in agony on the ground and taken away only later, when there was nothing more to do. The Atlanta police confirmed the episode and opened an investigation, in which it is also verifying the authenticity of the video that runs on the Net.


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