Polkadot showed a lack of momentum after beating its December highs and is trying to keep the $ 20 level. Crypto.com Coin, on the other hand, gives the first signs of a decline to $ 0.062.


Polkadot (DOT) price analysis

Bollinger bands tightened around the DOT even though it appeared to range between $ 14.96 and $ 18.25. This development signaled consolidation near the $ 20 mark for DOT.

A pullback to $ 18 at the moment is unlikely. OBV points to a series of high bottoms that occurred last week. This buying volume, coupled with the lack of momentum in recent days, indicates more consolidation, not a decline.

The next level of significance is the $ 23.6 level, which represents a 62% expansion for DOT. Support is $ 18.25 for DOT.

Crypto.com Coin (CRO) price analysis

When we use the 1-day time frame to analyze the Crypto.com Coin, it can be seen that the downward trend has been stopped since the beginning of September. The CRO formed a rectangular sub-pattern while trading in a range following a significant bearish trend.

Chaikin Money Flow highlighted seller dominance by showing the net flow of capital from the market. The MACD is below the zero line and just above the signal line.

Looking at the price action for more clues, it can be seen that the 50% level of the range is $ 0.068. The CRO has tried to climb to the top, but has received refusals in the past 24 hours. The rejection of the 50% level is significant and points to further bearish pressure that could lower CRO to $ 0.062.


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