The relative end of the bitcoin crisis has put the altcoins into action again. This movement increases upward trends. Instant jumps can be expected in these assets in the near future.

NEO has been hit by the Bitcoin drop and has been in serious declines over the past two days. For NEO, which fell to the $ 31 band, there was a recovery during the day and it caught back its losses to some extent.

For NEO, whose value reached its own record high of $ 198 in 2018, a $ 79 resistance point appears ahead of us in the long-term Fib retracements. NEO could more strongly sustain this recovery phase to this level. $ 79 signals started to arrive for NEO.

NEO Techniques and Price Prediction
Weekly data for NEO shows moves that will strengthen the likelihood of a rise. Especially the weekly movement shows that NEO, which experienced a sharp decline in the past two days, still has a high potential. Although the asset is close to the close of the week, it will close with candles that will rise until closing.

Although weekly data from RSI data has experienced a decline from overbought, it should be seen as the effect of the sharp decline. This data has a reverse upward trend in the 4-hour and daily data. In addition, MACD data has been in a positive field since the beginning of 2021. The latest data also raised bullish signals for the MACD. Finally, Stochastic RSI data keeps weekly data in overbought despite the decline. This oscillator data is strengthening a strong recovery and rise in the coming days.

As we said for the asset, there is no strong long-term resistance near it. It seems highly likely that it will catch a fast trend up to the hard-to-beat level of $ 79. Although the short-term movement has recovered a little, some more horizontal movement may be seen a little more decline. But in the long run the signals for a bullish run will be much stronger.

Polkadot (DOT)
DOT coin, which declined to $ 26 in the bitcoin crisis, recovered during the day as in many other altcoins. With the Dot drop in the last 5 days data, it seems that a new expanding wedge model has emerged. Exceeding the breaking area revealed by the model can quickly push the presence towards the new ATH.

The asset, which had just fallen under selling pressure due to the panic effect, had entered an impasse that resulted in a further drop in price. But DOT seems to have managed to get out of this area. The 4-hour charts show the DOT movement escaping the oversold zone in Stochastic data.

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DOT Techniques and Price Predictions
DOT broke its record last week, hitting $ 42.28 and the bearish movement began. With the addition of the BTC crisis to this decline for the asset, the drop was much more severe. This decline actually signals data to support a new uptrend. In the wedge model, the presence of crossing the $ 37.10 limit required for breakout will bounce above the ATH level and provide movement that will allow it to rise up to $ 49.

For DOT, these bullish signals also showed signals in trading volumes. There is a noticeable difference between the transaction volume seen at the top and the transaction volume in the decrease, and the increase is up to 150%.

Stochastic data MACD data have started an upward trend. We see this situation as a little more stable in the RSI data. But it should be looked closely, it seems highly likely that it will rise in the coming hours. The bounce from the breakpoint may first see resistance at $ 39. In the event of a rejection at $ 37.10, the likelihood of regaining downward momentum may bring stronger declines for DOT. Especially if the decline goes down to the support point up to $ 28.3, the continuity of the decline may drop to $ 22.87 due to the panic effect.

Chainlink (LINK)
Chainlink (LINK) saw its value dropping up to $ 20.8 the other day, with its decline sharp. For the entity that witnessed a near 50% drop, the LINK bulls remained calm, preventing the drop from being more severe. LINK recovery signals are making it predictable to rise up to $ 38 in the near future.

It seems that whales are not caught in a sales panic during the declines with high sales pressure. This move that prevents the decline also shows that there is a trust environment for LINK.

LINK Techniques and Price Predictions
LINK is currently trading at $ 29.10. It is also just below the 50-MA on the 4-hour charts and is trying to break that limit. If his move towards the moving average is supported, it will bring a trend channel with low resistance for LINK. This will accelerate its rise to $ 38.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the supporting data to support this data, it is the case that new whales have emerged as opposed to the bulls selling assets in this decline. The increase in whales is caught in the buying pressure of the price and is the most popular point to increase the value.

Conversely, the probability of a fall in the LINK price is


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