Polygon and 0x pledged $10.5 million to reach 1 million users


  • Polygon and 0x set the goal of bringing 1 million users to Polygon and Ethereum.
  • Both companies will commit $10.5 million to support the goal.
  • Companies will support developers and projects to build a robust DeFi project on Polygon.
  • Ethereum scaling platform Polygon has announced its goal of working with 0x to bring 1 million users to Polygon and Ethereum. Therefore, both companies are committed to raising a total of $10.5 million in funding.

0x is an Ethereum-based framework that powers decentralized exchanges on the blockchain. Working with Polygon, it will raise funds through the 0x DAO to support developers and projects that can help build a robust and secure DeFi infrastructure on the platform.

The 0x API was designed to make it easier for DeFi developers to access DEX liquidity quickly and reliably and to help users focus on what matters to their product. The API will enable the largest and most innovative DeFi projects in the world to easily integrate with Polygon trading and gain liquidity from all sources. These will include Quickswap, SushiSwap, CurveFinance, Dodo, mstable, DFyn, Cometh and more.

The company stated that it expects an increasing number of new DeFi projects to be included in the 0x ecosystem. They will also launch initial support for the 0x API on Polygon, along with early DeFi innovators Matchaxyz, Dexguru, Dexkit, MyCrypto, Set Protocol, Zapper.fi, and Zerion.


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