The Ponzi deception has been functioning in different sectors for years. Ponzi system is a method of fraud where investors are regularly paid for a while with their own money and other investors’ money.

With PlusToken, known as one of the biggest ponzi scams in history, approximately 2 billion dollars were stolen from users with this scam method.

From a crypto wallet linked to the PlusToken ponzi deception, 800.00 ETH was activated. In February, about $ 117 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) was activated due to Ponzi fraud. Now, as you can see from here, 800,000 ETH has taken action.

Especially with the expansion of the use of cryptocurrencies in recent days, many users who want to enter the market but have a lack of information fall into this kind of fraud traps. Therefore, in order to avoid falling into such a situation, it is necessary to be very careful especially in the crypto markets.


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