Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of popular cartoons like Samurai Jack, Star Wars Clone Wars, The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory, has begun working on a new Popeye adaptation.

Tartakovsky, who wants to shoot a movie about Popeye, which he has described as a dream or even fate since his childhood, returns to his project, where he was in a preparatory period. The successful artist, who worked on a Basic Director adaptation for Sony Pictures Animation until the project was shelved in 2015, had to take a small break from this dream with the cancellation of the project.

According to the latest news, Tartakovsky will regain his spinach-loving character and is in close contact with Popeye’s movie rights, King Features, to restart the project. It was not announced whether Tartakovksy, who left the film halfway due to the fact that Sony was involved in the project too much, will do everything from scratch or continue from where the project left off.

“They wanted to create a brand called Popeye, and I just wanted to be in this project because of my love for the character. Therefore, a very long agreement could not be reached. If I’m going to make this movie, I’m sure it should be like in my head. Because I grew up watching this character many times. ” Test images of Tartakovsky’s unfinished project in 2015 are just below.


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