Despite the huge collapse in the markets, Cardano is currently ranked in the top 3 of the world’s largest capitalized cryptocurrencies.



ADA, the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain, was able to challenge the markets and increase its price during a bloodbath caused by bitcoin’s largest price drop in history, after several weeks of spectacular price performance, dethroning BNB in ​​the process.

Cardano (ADA) rising

Currently, the market value of ADA stands at $ 39.6 billion.

Cardano (ADA) reported a huge increase in the past 24 hours. The price broke the all-time high of $ 1.33, reaching a level of $ 1.38.

Cardano Will Have a New Language

Cardano is approaching a new milestone today. Technology company MuKn and IOHK, responsible for the development of Cardano, announced a partnership aiming to develop a language that optimizes the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain.

Glow is a domain-specific language that allows easy development of dApps in Cardano. Theoretically, this language will make dApps more secure and less complex. According to MuKn’s Co-Founder Francois-Rene Rideau, the partnership with Cardano facilitated the development of this language.


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