Dash has launched a generic alpha for DashPay, a social cryptocurrency wallet, to deliver a seamless user experience with readable usernames, contact lists, and profile pictures.

This experience addresses the most significant barriers to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, and many consumer studies show that there are fundamentally ease-of-use issues.

The public alpha allows users to see what a truly seamless and social cryptocurrency trading experience can look like before its full public launch in 2021.

Ease of Use

According to a 2016 survey of web users spending more than four hours a day online by market research firm Clutch and Brave UX, more than 90% of respondents saw ease of use as a key determinant when deciding to continue using a website or service.

An online survey by Dash revealed that 66.9% of respondents saw overall usability as the biggest obstacle to adopting it.

Another survey conducted by the Interwallet Operability Foundation in 2018 revealed that many cryptocurrency users do not fully trust the success of their transactions. While only 25% of respondents feel full confidence in the transactions immediately after posting, 17% got a little nervous after submitting. The same study found that only 30% of users sent cryptocurrencies to others, including purchases, for a month, and 27% did not send cryptocurrencies for the entire year.


A smooth social experience

Dash strives to address these obstacles to adoption and trust issues by providing a seamless social experience, including protocol-level usernames, contact lists, profile pictures, and more, delivering this experience to users across the entire ecosystem of the cryptocurrency.

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Dash Public Relations Manager Mark Mason said:

“Essentially, if you want cryptocurrency adoption to be mainstream. We must say goodbye to long scary cryptographic addresses and hello to usernames, profile pictures and contact lists. Providing a pleasant user experience is essential for mass adoption. Dash is ready to go mainstream by facilitating blockchain payments with decentralized usernames. Blockchain is developing. Welcome to the world of social payments. The future is social payments! ”

Dash now urges new users to test their DashPay wallet in its open alpha version. DashPay handles social payments between users, including network-wide searchable usernames, contact lists, profile pictures and biographies, and easy payment history, completely decentralized without the need for a third party. DashPay will see a full public version on Dash’s main network in early 2021.


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