The total open position on Chainlink (LINK) futures contracts on major crypto exchanges reached an all-time high of $ 287 million.



Chainlink at an all-time high at $ 22.84

Record open position in Chainlink futures contracts occurred on Binance, where LINK hit an all-time high of $ 22.84

If Bitcoin continues to provide the ideal environment for LINK to thrive, the new all-time high might break several times this weekend.

Trader and investor interest on Chainlink is in high gear and only a volatile Bitcoin could ruin the party.


Chainlink experienced the highest day in active addresses in 5 months

The interest and excitement surrounding Chainlink is also evident in the amount of daily active addresses. According to data from the Santiment team, Chainlink also experienced the highest active address day in 5 months. The team at Santiment shared their observations of the Chainlink network via the following description and accompanying graphic.


Chainlink may continue its uptrend for a few more weeks

A closer look at the Chainlink daily chart reveals that LINK has the potential to repeat the rise seen between mid-July and mid-August last year.

Therefore, by using the past scenario as a template, LINK could be successful for another two to four weeks, where it could consistently set and break all-time highs.


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