Bitcoin gave itself the best birthday present with a new ATH of almost $ 35,000. Ethereum mimicked BTC’s earnings and surpassed $ 800.

Bitcoin celebrates its 12th birthday by climbing to $ 34,000 and yet another all-time high of $ 34,800.

The total market cap has also reached a new record as some alternative coins, including ETH, which exceeded the $ 800 level, followed the upward movement of BTC.


Every day a new ATH in Bitcoin

If the end of 2020 looked impressive with its consecutive highs of all time, Bitcoin’s new year so far is throwing it out of the park. The leading cryptocurrency has overcome obstacles every day.

BTC continued to rise after surpassing the coveted $ 30,000 price tag and did the same with $ 31,000, $ 32,000 and $ 33,000.

However, BTC headed for a strong correction after the $ 33,000 level, resulting in a short drop to $ 30,000. However, the bulls have stopped the movement and took Bitcoin to another notable turning point. BTC reached its all-time high of $ 34,800.

Although the cryptocurrency has retreated a little since then, it is still traded above $ 34,000.

It should be noted that Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, launched the BTC network exactly twelve years ago – on January 3, 2009. It’s a great birthday present to plan a new ATH at around $ 35,000 before it even reaches your teen years.


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ETH exceeded critical resistance

While not as impressive as BTC’s earnings, most alternative cryptocurrencies have also had a green chart in the past 24 hours. Ethereum added about 11.7% of the value that caused ETH to surpass the $ 800 level. This is ETH’s highest price tag in almost three years.

Polkadot (9%) and Litecoin (13.5%) also achieved double-digit percentages on a 24-hour scale. As a result, LTC showed a new annual high of over $ 140, while DOT settled at $ 9.

Binance Coin (8%), Chainlink (12%), Cardano (3.5%) and Bitcoin Cash (8.3%) are also in the top ten. By contrast, XRP has lost about 1.6% of its value and is trying to stay above $ 0.20.

Dogecoin, which showed the most impressive gain among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, making a 70% pump move. History shows that DOGE’s double or even triple-digit increases could lead to a significant altcoin rally.

Decred (12%), BitTorrent (12%), NEAR Protocol (11%), FTX Token (11%), THETA (11%) and Quant (10%) are following Doge.

The impressive gains from above show that the cumulative market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has now reached a higher level of $ 880 billion.

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