SushiSwap (SUSHI) is now supported in BitGo’s surveillance and non-surveillance wallets. The team at BitGo cited the consistency and flexibility of the SushiSwap team as one reason to add support to SUSHI.



Also, SushiSwap’s collaboration with Yearn Finance is an indicator of the growth in the DeFi industry.

SushiSwap is consistent and durable

The team at BitGo explained that the key to their decision to support SUSHI is that the SushiSwap team has been consistent and resilient since the project was launched, despite founding Chief Nomi’s initial uncertainty as he exited the project. Inclusiveness of the SushiSwap community is a key factor in making the project what it is today, with an ambitious roadmap along the project line.

SushiSwap received a lot of criticism at the start of the project for releasing a fork-focused version of the ecosystem’s largest AMM. Thanks to inclusiveness and a community-driven approach, SushiSwap has set its own trajectory ever since.

The SushiSwap team laid out an ambitious roadmap last fall and has continued to demonstrate consistency and endurance in delivering it. SushiSwap is approaching the highly anticipated launch of BentoBox, the isolated dual loan solution for the Sushi ecosystem. Recently, the SushiSwap team also launched a launchpad program targeting token listings called MISO.

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DeFi to grow further with the collaboration of SushiSwap and Yearn Finance

Additionally, the team at BitGo highlighted that the latest collaboration between teams at SushiSwap and Yearn Finance is a crucial step to expand and grow the DeFi industry.

In December, Yearn financed Andre Cronje announced the strategic collaboration of SushiSwap and Yearn. The relationship between the projects is very synergistic, focusing on deepening the integration between SushiSwap’s AMM pools and Yearn’s continuous roadmap of collaborative products and strategies to maximize efficiency.


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