Developer Kevin Roebert announced that ClearURL has been removed from the Chrome Web Store due to damage to Google’s business model.

ClearURL extension, which has a fairly large user base in the Google Chrome browser, has been removed from the Chrome Web Store for some reason. The function of this extension is to automatically delete tracking and tracking items from URLs to help protect your privacy while browsing the internet. So why Google removed this extension from its Chrome browser?

Four days ago, Google’s Chrome team emailed ClearURL developer Kevin Roebert, explaining: “The main reason your item was removed from the Chrome Web Store is because you don’t share enough information about your extension’s records, fundraising, and some of its features. . ”

After this statement, Kevin Roebert, who quickly objected to restore the extension completely deleted from the Chrome Web Store, said that the violations mentioned by Google were just nonsense and that the extension, which had been in the store for years, suddenly found it meaningful to be removed from Chrome by producing different reasons. “I’m sure ClearURL is damaging the Google business model because this extension interrupts Google’s earnings,” Kevin Roebert said. He also shared a post in the form of.

When URLs contain tracking and tracking codes, they cause some analytical data to be generated. This data is especially important as it provides a certain financial flow between the advertiser and the ad publisher. ClearURL is also fully designed to prevent tracking and tracking codes from working and to prioritize user privacy. At this stage, the extension can be used easily in browsers such as Edge and Firefox. In Chrome, it works when you download the necessary files externally from Github and install them. Whether the objection made to Google will be accepted or not will be determined in the future.

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