Taking a long break from playing Fortnite, Ninja clarified why he stopped playing the battle royale game. The popular publisher has generally complained about the aiming aid offered to those who play Fortnite with the game handle on PC.

Publisher Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was one of the names identified with the popular battle royale game Fortnite. However, Ninja has not played Fortnite for a long time and has turned to different games in its broadcasts. Ninja explained why he didn’t cast Fortnite anymore in one of his last live streams on Mixer and why he gave up playing the game.

Ninja, in the post of League of Legends, “I haven’t been playing Fortnite for a long time. I’m literally just waiting. The game is not in a healthy state right now on PC. I think Fortnite does a great job, just aiming for the aiming aid for the controller on PC ( aim assist) I want it balanced. ” spoke in the form.

Ninja finds Fortnite’s aim of aiming at the game arms unfair
Ninja pointed out that Fortnite’s aiming aim for game controllers is very effective on 240 Hz monitors and therefore everyone is inclined to play with the controller on PC. “The aiming function has become much better and stronger because of 240 Hz. The aiming assistance at 240 Hz is seriously faulty.” spoke in the form.

Although Ninja has a break from playing Fortnite, it is clearly felt that he is still passionate about the game. The advantage that the game arms offer at 240 Hz is a very popular topic in the gaming community as well as professional players. Some don’t think it’s a problem, others seem ready to give up the game.

The aiming aid offered by Fortnite for PC controllers provides a significant advantage compared to players who use keyboard and mouse, especially during close range sprays. For now, Epic Games does not seem to make any moves in this regard. So Ninja’s return to Fortnite may take some more time.


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