Famous youtuber and trader Eren Caner continues their youtube videos without slowing down. Caner, in his latest youtube video; made statements about the current course of digital currencies.

“While the U.S. doesn’t care about cryptocurrencies yet, China has said that we will ban cryptocurrency mining many times before, and then it caused a drop in many cryptocurrencies. China is making a negative statement, lowering the price of Bitcoin, and is said to have made a serious profit by purchasing at those levels and even used to pay off its foreign debt.

U.S. President Donald Trump previously made anti-Bitcoin comments, but these statements should not be overlooked. I think he said these explanations to comfort the deep-rooted companies like Boeing and Microsoft. ”

If China’s Digital Yuan Is Successful, Anyone Can Be A Crypto Money Fan!

Caner states that the developments in digital yuan in China are quite stable. Stating that a new announcement may come from China, Caner stated that he could not say the same for the USA.

Stating that there are developments for the digital dollar through the digital dollar foundation, Caner said that such an initiative could add value to the US economy affected by the pandemic.

Will the Digital Dollar Become Alive After the Global Outbreak?

Stating that the focus of the crypto wallet to be prepared by the FED is currently concentrated in the US, Caner also states that we can hear such news more frequently.

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What will be the effect of Bitcoin Price?

Caner states:

“Ripple signed with MoneyGram, and if the central bank’s digital dollar decision is realized, it will be inevitable for it to be reflected in Bitcoin so that they will adopt Bitcoin in a way. Together with the digital yuan and the dollar, we will witness this increase in value. ”

Indeed, when will the trade wars, pandemic and economic effects between the USA and China show us a digital dollar, we will see it all together in the future.


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