Best Buy inadvertently wanting to launch us the great titles of Nintendo before the big announcements

A new Nintendo Switch game has been leaked and is very exciting to Nintendo fans. The leak is courtesy of Best Buy, who accidentally revealed that Nintendo Switch is getting a classic Nintendo game in the future.

It is nothing more and nothing less than “Super Mario 3D World” on Nintendo Switch, with a price of $ 60 dollars and its own stamp for purchase. At the moment, online pre-sale through Best Buy has not been activated but it appears that the retailer is anticipating an announcement on this front, apparently in the near future.

Unfortunately, because pre-purchase has not been activated for us, this is where details start to get tight. However, what is particularly interesting about this list is that it coincides with a report earlier this year that claimed that Nintendo was bringing numerous Mario 3D games from yesteryear to the platform, including “Super Mario 3D World”.

Of course, if “Super Mario 3D World” is really coming to Switch it suggests that the mentioned report is true, which means that we will not only have this new port to the platform but also several games from 3D Mario.

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Hopefully the news will not be 100% true and thus we can confirm that great classics like “Super Mario 64” and “Super Mario Sunshine” reach the hybrid of Nintendo.


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