Leak specialist Jon Prosser, who is known to have some good guesses about Apple, posted on his Twitter profile the alleged price variation of the iPhone 12 family, which will launch in 2020.

According to Prosser, he saw some speculation on the topic circulating on the networks and asked what the real information to his trusted sources would be. The result of the responses were four variations and value ranges, all with support for 5G networks.


The basic version is the iPhone 12, with a 5.4 “OLED screen and two rear cameras, for $ 649. The 6.1” iPhone 12 model, which may retain its name, has the same technical characteristics. However, the cost rises to $ 749.

The third variant is the iPhone 12 Pro, with 6.1 “OLED screen, three rear cameras and a LiDAR sensor, as well as the new iPad Pro. The cost is US $ 999. Finally, the most expensive model will be the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with 6.7 “OLED screen and also three cameras with the sensor. To take it home in the United States, you will need to shell out $ 1,099. These prices must be related to the version with more basic technical specifications – any additions to the memory also make the final cost more expensive.


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