The software giant Microsoft has determined the roadmap for office tools. One of the striking innovations in the package will be the text prediction feature that will come to Word.

Publishing a roadmap for the Microsoft 365 office suite, Microsoft developers announced their plans to integrate one of the promising features into word processors. According to sources close to the company, Microsoft Word will help every user adapt and write.

Text prediction was first included in the test version of Word, and Microsoft 365 last September. Only North American users could access the feature in a limited mode. What Microsoft aims with its new feature is to make the typing process easier and faster by predicting what users will type.

Machine learning will be supported
As the user is typing, he will see the words and sentences that are the most meaningful according to the algorithm. These words will be highlighted in gray and the user will only need to press the tab key to quickly enter the appropriate text, or press the Escape key to cancel the suggested option is not available.

In addition, Microsoft Word will gradually adapt to the user’s writing style and will also help reduce spelling and grammatical errors. Microsoft announced that it uses a machine learning model to predict text. At the same time, the company will not be able to access user-entered text.


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