The latest Windows 10 structure that started to be distributed in the developer channel brought some changes in the taskbar. The firm aims for a more practical and simple task bar.

As the software giant continues to prepare for future Windows 10 builds, the first changes are reflected in the developer channel. It looks like the firm is working on the taskbar.

Changes are on the way in the taskbar
The last update published on the developer channel came with noticeable changes in the interface. According to the shared screenshots, Microsoft has added a shortcut for the location of the files working locally to the list that appears when right-clicked on applications such as Word and Notepad on the taskbar.

On the other hand, task view, Touch keyboard shortcut button, Windows Ink workspace and Windows search shortcuts have been removed from the drop-down list where you click an empty space on the taskbar.

It is thought that Microsoft aims to remove the clutter in the general user interface by moving these options to the settings.

On the other hand, since the moved shortcuts are moved under the personalization heading, this means that those who use Windows 10 without activating will not be able to access these changes.

Finally, the changes are expected to take place in the Sun Valley structure, which is expected to be available in the coming October-November.


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