The entire fortune of 32-year-old Paul Johnson, who ran a small-scale crypto drug empire from his semi-detached house in England, was confiscated.

A business graduate acted like a simple tea merchant after creating a drug empire.

According to the news in Harborough Mail, a 32-year-old man named Paul Johnson led the drug empire from his semi-detached house in the UK. The drug baron, who lives in Market Harborough and is imprisoned, was sentenced to 8 years in prison in the court he went to in February. The Leicester Royal Court seized Johnson ‘s $ 2.5 billion fortune with the verdict on June 8.

Johnson, who was also discovered to work for a while in the famous fast food restaurant KFC; It imported more than 200 kilos of heroin, cocaine, LSD and ketamine. Johnson also engaged in and invested in Bitcoin on the dark web, which is the haunt of criminals. Having lived with his wife for years, Johnson later divorced.

Judge Martin Hurst announced that Johnson earned a $ 2.5 million from professional drug trade. The court also confiscated all of Johnson’s money and $ 30,000 jeep and another $ 3,500 vehicle.

While Johnson, who was caught with a police operation in December 2017, had many drugs in his home, digital media inspectors also found that the drug trafficker had bought and sold Bitcoin.


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