There are now a few days left for the highly anticipated Galaxy S21 series. These phones, which will be officially introduced on January 14, will reach their owners in a short time after the launch. But there are now new leaks about these phones.


Galaxy S21 series price leaked

Samsung’s newest flagships, the Galaxy S21 series, were leaked by a Belgian telecom company with their prices. The price list shared by the operator named “Voo” was immediately removed from the broadcast in a short time. However, users overlooked this list. Some even saw that smartphones will be launched in Europe with the Exynos 2100 chip.

Let’s take a look at the leaked prices of the S21 series. The entry model of the series, the Galaxy S21, will have a price tag of 849 Euros. In addition, the top model, the S21 Plus, will come with a price tag of 1049 euros and the best S21 Ultra with a price tag of 1400 euros. Now let’s take a look at the TL-based version of this list (excluding taxes).

  • S21- $ 1000
  • S21 Plus – $ 1300
  • S21 Ultra- $ 1700

The resulting price list for the S21 series is based on versions with 128GB of storage space. However, if you want to have a 256GB version or higher, we recommend that you wait for the launch day for the price list.


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