Will Prince Charles soon be king? A new index leaves no room for doubt.

What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II abdicates? This is the question that everyone has been asking for several months now. Logically, it is Prince Charles who should inherit the crown since he is first in the order of succession to the British throne. However, for some experts of the royal family, it is Prince William who will become sovereign in place of his father. Also, it is now known whether Prince Philip could become king instead of his son Prince Charles, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Speaking of the throne, know that a new clue no longer leaves room for doubt about the future of the Prince of Wales in the royal family. As revealed by our colleagues from the New Idea website, Prince Charles has been nicknamed “King of Instagram”.

The future sovereign of the United Kingdom would have inherited this title after having been very active on social networks, especially during the Coronavirus period. Penny Junor, an Australian biographer, told our colleagues, “There are so many people who don’t really understand Charles, who don’t know what he’s doing. But during the coronavirus, maybe because of the confinement, there have been more people than normal who have seen and listened to it. ” If he has not yet inherited the British throne, the Duke of Cornwall is, for the moment, already king on Instagram. Is this a new clue that proves that the Prince of Wales will be the next sovereign? While waiting to learn more, find out what will happen to the title of Camilla Parker-Bowles when Prince Charles becomes king.

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