While Meghan Markle is expected to resume her acting career, Harry tries his hand at music. And this, thanks to his friend Jon Bon Jovi.

Meghan Markle has something to be proud of. Indeed, her husband Prince Harry pushes the song alongside Jon Bon Jovi. And this, for a good cause.

After receiving compliments from his friend David Beckham, Prince Harry then began a short career in song. Yes, Meghan Markle’s husband would be in the studio with Jon Bon Jovi, to resume his title Unbroken .

And for a noble cause. As you will see, this new collaboration is far from being accidental. It is therefore in the London studios of Abbey Road that the Duke of Sussex went to shoot this piece.

A mythical place, Abbey Road has already welcomed British icons : namely, Pink Floyd, Radiohead or the Beatles. A royal place, for this prince who married Meghan Markle .


Taking over Unbroken is not a choice taken lightly. Harry, who has had a military career, has repeatedly shown his commitment to war nationals. In this title, Bon Jovi then evokes the trauma of soldiers who return to the country after the war. A sound that takes on the guts of Meghan Markle’s husband .

Nor should we forget to point out that Prince Harry founded an association helping these soldiers: Invictus Games. Thus, all the benefits of this song donated to his foundation . That said, Harry may be a crowned head, but he remains impressed by Bon Jovi.

Just see the excerpt posted on Instagram. Faced with the tense air of the Duke of Sussex, the singer replied: “It’s easy. Just pretend you’re singing in your room, let the sound out . ” He then takes a deep breath, then, the short extract ends there, hardly leaving us the honor of hearing the sound of his voice. It remains to be seen what the final recording will give.


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