The youngest son of Prince Charles, and the remembered Princess of Wales, Prince Harry revealed the nickname with which he calls his little son Archie Harrison

It turned out that after Prince Harry will participate in a group chat to celebrate the 124th anniversary of the Rugby Football League, Meghan’s husband revealed in a conversation the new nickname with him that he calls his son Archie Harrison .

At this conference the sweet son of the late Diana of Wales , Prince Harry , Meghan Markle’s husband revealed that he does not call his little Archie by name, but with a cute nickname.

It was on August 29 that Harry participated in the conversation around the 125th anniversary of the Rugby Football Leaguem during the talk some more personal details came to light such as his relationship with his family in particular with his little son Archie , who turned one year old. last May.

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth who has become a faithful protector of her family and who now resides in her new home located in Santa Barbara California which had a high cost of 14 million dollars, however, provides them with a little more than the tranquility and privacy that both were looking for.

On many occasions, Prince Harry has revealed that he is a very close father to his family, so this would not be the exception for his little one with whom he is already beginning to share his love of rugby as well as many others that he hopes to live together. to his son.

The duke has expressed his concern to live with his 15-month-old son and both live many experiences that in a few years will connect them even more, including some sports of which the royal is a fan.

Diana’s son intends to involve his son, who is a few months old, in all possible activities but also stressed that doing a good role as a father is another of the tasks that occupy both him and Meghan a lot .

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Our little man is our number one priority, but then our work is our second priority, and we are doing everything we can to try to play our part in trying to make the world a better place.

Similarly, Prince Harry has stated that he feels very fortunate to “have a little space outside” as described by the E! Online, particularly in the midst of the pandemic that has occupied the world for several months, such as the coronavirus.

They have settled in the quiet privacy of their community since their arrival and hope that this will be respected by their neighbors, as well as by them as a family, “said the source close to the famous pair.

The new Sussex mansion is located in the town of Montecito, California and apparently has given greater intimacy to the couple who, in the last months of their stay in Beverly Hills, would have been invaded by drones and had generated several fears.

They are not guests of Oprah or anyone else, they bought this house themselves. This is the first home either of them have owned, “said a Page Six insider.” It has been a very special moment for them as a couple and as a family – having complete privacy for six weeks since they moved in. “

Likewise, the Prince confirmed that during his stay in the United States he has been very happy and that he has enjoyed this time very much, as he responded to the questioning of the player Ellery Hanley: “I love him,” he replied.

So apparently the Duke of Sussex already feels more used to his new life in California, where he enjoys the outdoor spaces in his new home with his family.


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