WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging app that runs under Facebook management, has finally launched e-payment.

The New Version of WhatApp Starts in Brazil

Following the payment feature offered by Facebook a few years ago via Messenger, WhatsApp, purchased by Zuckerberg in 2014, announced that its own payment platform will be released soon.

This feature will be available to users in Brazil first. According to the information obtained, people will be able to purchase products and services from local companies within the application.

Priority User Density

Official trials of the new payment service were conducted on Indian users, but WhatsApp fans in Brazil were the first users to buy something through the app in the official live version.

WhatsApp plans to expand its services globally after successfully expanding to the company’s largest user base countries such as Mexico, Indonesia, and India. Recent data show that more than 130 million Brazilians use WhatsApp every day.


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