Carolina Panthers player Russell Okung said that he received payment in Bitcoin after almost two years of cryptocurrency demanding payments.

Panthers reportedly diverted half of their $ 13 million salary to the Strike wallet, which converts the payment into Bitcoin for Okung.

It was shared that professional football player Russell Okung received half of his salary in Bitcoin. Okung has been a staunch Bitcoin advocate for years and has been seeking Bitcoin payments since May 2019. finally made a Twitter post saying “Paid with bitcoin” last Tuesday.

However, Okung does not buy Bitcoin directly from Panthers, but Zap Solutions Inc. via a third-party payment service developed by Strike, which helps people convert any percentage of their paychecks to Bitcoin. Under the agreement, it was reported that part of Okung’s $ 13 million salary will be paid to Strike, after which Okung will be paid in Bitcoin. Okung is the Panthers’ highest earning player in the 2020 season.

Explaining that Okung’s salary deal is handled internally by Panthers, CNBC said the National Football League (NFL) and its player union were unaware of Okung’s deal until Tuesday’s announcement. However, they did not try to invalidate or formally sign the agreement. An NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said:

“There was nothing to sign. Clubs pay players in US dollars. What the players or their representatives will do with the money is up to them. ”

Okung said in a statement, “Money is more than a currency; is power. The way money is processed from creation to propagation is part of this power. Getting paid with Bitcoin is the first step towards giving up the corrupt, manipulated economy we live in. ” used the expressions. The pro football star frequently tweets about Bitcoin. After announcing the progress on his salary, he said:

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“I’m freeing myself from fiat money. You can do it too.”


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