Telegram, which has updated its mobile application, has increased the file transfer limit to 2 GB, while also introducing new features such as profile videos and group statistics. The app also offers a new privacy option for new chats.

Telegram, one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, has released a new update for iOS and Android app. Upgrading the application to version 6.3.0 gives the application many new features that improve the user experience.

With Telegram 6.3.0 version, the upper limit in in-app file transfer size has been increased to 2 GB. Considering that the file transfer limit is 100 MB in WhatsApp, which is Telegram’s biggest rival, we can say that 2 GB is not even a limit.

Profile videos came to Telegram

In addition, Telegram embeds the term ‘profile photo’ into history with version 6.3.0. Because after the last telegram update, you can determine the profile photo as well as the profile video on the telegram.

Users will be able to use the Telegram Media Editor to add stickers or animations when determining their profile videos. Moreover, along with profile videos, the telegram video editor has been updated and it has features such as video cropping and rotating.

‘Best members’ in Telegram groups will be listed
Telegram also made a small change in media transfers. Users will now see a thumbnail on the home screen when they receive media from their friends. In addition, ‘archive and mute new chats’ option has been added to privacy and security settings.

Telegram has also updated the Group Statistics feature so that group owners can view more detailed statistics, and now group owners will be able to see a list of ‘best’ group members based on the number of posts and message length, as well as seeing more detailed graphics.


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