With Project Reunion, the Windows 10 operating system may see big changes.
Microsoft first announced Project Reunion at the Build 2020 conference. CEO Satya Nadella described the project as the company’s newest initiative to streamline app development for Windows 10.

With the first release of Project Reunion, Windows developers will finally have the opportunity to easily develop apps that offer new Windows 10 features.

The Redmond giant is now starting to implement its plans with the release of the 0.1 preview. Basically, Project Reunion represents a set of software tools that will bridge the gap between the two main application interfaces (APIs) Windows developers use to write applications.

Microsoft will continue to develop Project Union on GitHub under the MIT license. So why was such a project needed? Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API is used so that new Windows 10 builds can access the latest features not available in older versions of Windows 10. While the old Win32 API offers fewer features, it runs on every Windows 10-based system.

Naturally, most application developers prefer to work with the Win32 API for more comprehensive access. However, this prevents them from taking advantage of Microsoft’s latest developments. With Project Reunion, application developers will now be able to access both Win32 and UWP APIs.


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