Mental health is often an obstacle that is often experienced by almost many people in various fields, is no exception for musicians or K-Pop idols.

The media outlet Xsports News recently sat down with various representatives from nine K-Pop idol agencies to find out the agency’s sensitivity in the mental health issues of its artists who are in the promotion period.

It is said that many companies have used professional programs to maintain the mental health of their artists, but still there are some artists who have the same problem to make their careers hampered or even lead to depression to lose their lives.

First Agency: “At our agency, we have a weekly meditation program offered not only for our artists, but all employees. Of course, artists and employees receive separate meditation programs. If an artist requests it, the company is also willing to provide the need for a doctor’s visit. It is true that sometimes, the artist wants to visit the doctor himself, but sometimes, if an employee recognizes that a particular artist is having a hard time. In such cases, the company will approach the individual and suggest medical treatment. ”

Second Agency: “We have a special department that works closely with the artist management team to conduct regular discussion sessions. We also hold lectures by inviting instructors. ”

Third Agency: “Because we are a small company, it is realistically difficult to create a separate program dedicated to mental health. The management team meets regularly with artists, checking their mental condition through conversation. ”

Fourth Agency: “Artists who suffer mentally due to factors including malicious comments, etc. undergo several treatment methods, including therapy sessions as well as more specific methods such as color therapy, coloring books, and more.”

Fifth Agency: “One effective method for maintaining an artist’s mental health is to provide support for the artist in activities that the artist is interested in. More fundamentally, methods such as adequate rest if possible, and maintaining health, positive hobbies are also effective. Healthy hobbies are very helpful because they allow the artist to build self-esteem. ”

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Sixth Agency: “When an artist expresses their desire to quit the promotion period, we usually comply. The decision to return to promotion is also largely based on the will of the artist. It makes no sense for a company to force an artist to return to promotion. when they are not ready. ”

Seventh Agency: “There are many problems in the overall system of managing K-Pop idols. The way idols are currently doing promotions, it’s not possible to avoid heavy stress both physically and mentally because of the many extraordinary schedules. ”

The Eighth Agency: “It’s true that more agencies are paying closer attention to their idols and mental health. However, artists still feel a heavy mental burden due to the fact that being an idol, perspective and opinions of others determines their careers. In that case, it was a positive step to see various entertainment sites get rid of the comments section. ”

Ninth Agency: “It seems that not everything that can be revealed to the surface from the perspective of only management companies. Even if the agency treats the artist with a lot of attention and affection, it is still difficult to examine the individual thoroughly. Actually, it is most likely that your fellow members have the most awareness. Members need to proactively look after each other and contact the company, so that positive conversation can improve the situation. ”

What do you think the attitude the agency should take to maintain the artist’s mental health?


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