PlayStation Plus, the subscription service offered by PlayStation users by Sony, was offered to download games in May 2021 in the past hours.

As you know, PlayStation has a subscription service called PlayStation Plus. This service allows you to both access the online mode of the games and offers several different free games per month. In the past hours, the free games of PlayStation Plus in May 2021 were made available.

As announced last Wednesday, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to add 3 different games to their account in May. In particular, it should be said that Sony has given remarkable games for the last few months. This month’s games offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers are as follows:

Battlefield V (PS4 and PS5)
Stranded Deep (PS4 and PS5)
Wreckfest: Drive Hard Die Last (PS5)
If you add these games to your library until June 2, 2021, you can play them as long as you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Free games to be given in June 2021 will be announced on May 25, 2021.

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