An interesting claim has emerged regarding the problem with DualSense’s analog keys, which has plagued some of the PlayStation gamers for several weeks.

Sony’s next-generation console PlayStation 5 made its debut in the past months. One of the most loved details about the console was undoubtedly its controller, DualSense. Although the players think that there may be a charging problem in the future, many players liked the technology. However, the controller caused trouble from an unexpected place.

In the past few weeks, PlayStation 5 players have started to report some complaints about the controller’s analog button. This problem was considered to be a general problem as the number of people who made complaints increased. Then a law firm began investigations to sue Sony. As a result of the investigations, the law firm claimed that the problem with the controller was a general problem and Sony knew about the problem before the console came out. There hasn’t been any development on the case yet, but another claim has been made by iFixit and it’s a really annoying one.

Has 417 Hours of Life
iFixit recently released a video to look at the controller in more detail. iFixit claimed the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense had a lifespan of approximately 417 hours. According to the video, the analog keys on the controller have a life of approximately 2 million dials and approximately 500,000 clicks. This is estimated as approximately 417 hours.

If this claim is true, it means that someone who plays an average of two hours a day will lose his controller in about 7 months. It should be noted that this period is really a very short time.

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