Psychonauts 2 News: Both in performance, resolution and graphic quality, the difference between both versions is noticeable


According to Klobrille, this graphical increase in Psychonauts 2 is due to the optimization capabilities of the Xbox Series S that the PlayStation 5 lacks. For this reason, despite having lower technical capabilities, this video game console can offer noticeably better graphics performance.

Psychonauts 2 had been a project supported through funding platforms with the promise of reaching multiple platforms just like the Xbox Series S / X. However, unlike the Microsoft versions, the PlayStation 5 version was designed for the last generation. This game runs in a backward compatible mode.

Does Psychonauts 2 Really Run Better On Xbox Series S?

According to the Well Played report, Psychonauts 2 could run at 1440p at 60 fps on the PS5 which is much more than its performance on the PlayStation 4. However, let’s remember that this is not a native version of the video game, but a backward compatible version. .

For its part, on the Xbox Series S it runs at a resolution of 2880 × 1620 at 60 fps or 180p at 120 fps, which is a great performance. Even for the same console, this is a unique graphics performance job. Meanwhile on the Xbox Series X it runs Psychonauts 2 at 4k at 60fps or 1440p at 120fps.

This makes the Xbox versions of Psychonauts 2 significantly superior. The work done by Double Fine is impressive. We hope to see more of the study soon.


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