Today, a very pleasing statement has come for PUBG Mobile, which drinks the charge of the phones that have wreaked by millions. In an interview with Krafton CEO Kim Chang-Han Bloomberg; announced that the company is determined to expand its game repertoire beyond its initial success. This confirms the future of PUBG Mobile 2 game.



Krafton also confirmed that it will launch a new battle royale mobile game based on PUBG and another PUBG game for consoles and PCs in 2021. In addition, according to the timeline of the original game, it is stated that a game that takes place in the dystopic PUBG universe will be developed three centuries ahead. We can see another fantastic PUBG game that you can understand.

Krafton has rolled up its sleeves for public offering. Therefore, new games will allow potential investors to play a big role in raising stocks. Perhaps PUBG Mobile 2.0 will also include some single player modes to complement the multiplayer mode inherent in the game. This is not yet known.

The PC / console version of PUBG sold over 70 million copies. The mobile version surpassed 600 million downloads. The new version of PUBG, which has the title of the world’s most downloaded game, seems to be very different. The game, which will be introduced and discounted towards the end of 2021, will also be free on mobile. Console and PC versions are likely to be sold for a new fee.


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