We Are Social reported the world’s digital scorecard in April. According to these figures, there are changing trends on the side of mobile applications and mobile games. While the most downloaded mobile application was announced in April, the most downloaded mobile game was also announced in April. While the PUBG Mobile fall is the rise for Game For Peace, which devices are being played from which devices are shown in numbers. Here is the digital scorecard of the world…

The most downloaded mobile game has been announced in April
Quarantine days really changed our digital trends. As people spend more time on mobile, the content produced in digital media has also diversified. We Are Social has produced a report of these changing digital trends. The company, which published its digital report in the world in April, says that many things have changed. In addition, we spent more time with mobile applications and games.

We used more internet, downloaded more mobile games and spent more on mobile applications. The digital scorecard of the world is witnessing quite interesting figures in April.

Let’s take a look at the most downloaded apps. As you can imagine, the most downloaded mobile application in April is TikTok, which is especially popular with young people. Particularly, the introduction of TikTok application by famous figures seems to have increased the demand for the application in quarantine days.

Besides, another popular application, WhatsApp, is in the second place of the list. The application, which gained the features that users want with each new update, recently gained the “8-person group conversations” feature, which will become a bigger rival to Zoom. WhatsApp is followed by Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Likee, Snapchat, ShareIt, Netflix and Spotify, respectively.

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The date has appeared for the new mode of PUBG Mobile!

The list of the most downloaded mobile games in April includes some interesting names. Brain Out ranks first among the most downloaded mobile games in quarantine. The second place is Hunter Assasin, while WoodTurning, Johnny Trigger, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, WormsZone.IO, Subway Surfers, Draw Climber, Rescue Cut.

The lowering of PUBG Mobile’s download rates is that it is already installed on many phones due to the popularity of the game, but the 0.18.0 update does not arrive on the expected day and the cheaters are high, reducing the users’ confidence in the game.

What really surprises us is the varying ranking of spending within the game. The report turned out to be Game For Peace, the game that made the highest revenue in spending within the game. The game that Tencent is a developer is said to have caused the fall of PUBG Mobile.

As we said in the previous paragraph, PUBG Mobile is losing the player with both tricks and updates coming late. Game For Peace includes Honor of Kings, Monster Strike, AFK Arena, Candy Crush Saga, PUBG Mobile and Rise of Kingdoms.

So, from which devices do gamers play games the most?
80 percent of people who play games do not make device preference. So it plays from any device. Computers follow the smartphones, which are in the second place with 69 percent, with 40 percent. While the game consoles are preferred by 26 percent, the tablet is the least preferred device with 19 percent.


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