PUBG, one of the popular Battle Royale games, plans to take drastic measures against cheaters in 2020. The game, played by many people around the world, was receiving negative criticism from many people due to their cheating. However, according to a published blog post, PUBG will not open eyes on cheaters.

The company is developing many security measures against cheaters. We have shared many news about this before.

PUBG prepares to fight cheaters
PUBG’s popularity continues, but unfortunately, the game suffers from cheaters. For this reason, many players stopped playing the game naturally. In games that require this kind of online competition, the most common problem users face is unfair competition. We have seen before that many games that cannot compete with cheaters leave their glorious days behind.

According to the published article, the PUBG team will carry out an intensive work against cheaters during 2020. In addition, many performance enhancements are expected to come. It also explains how these targets slow down due to the corona virus. Preemptive anti-cheat actions targeting cheating programs will be carried out. Thus, cheating programs will be detected before they become more active.

In addition, it has been found that many users who complain about banning Steam accounts do not enable Steam Guard. A secondary authentication system will be added using SMS authentication and a one-time password to prevent account hacking and overall security. This will make it difficult to capture the login information of the accounts.

Also, vulnerabilities in weapons, vehicles and character codes will be improved, making it difficult for cheaters to manipulate in-game items. The domain of HWID ban will also be expanded.

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One of PUBG’s anti-cheat actions, HIWD’s domain is also being expanded. When a player cheats, when they open another account, the information of the computer hardware is recorded by the company for easy identification. However, to violate this method, sometimes it is enough to replace a single piece of hardware. To prevent this, it is stated that the algorithm of anti-cheating system has been developed.


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