March 22, 2021 – GIANTS Software announced that the company has launched its global business partners network within the framework of its broadcast network, from homeland Switzerland to Singapore, Australia to North and South America.

GIANTS Software will now publish its own products and manage the brand communications and global positioning of all its partners.
Together with a large number of partners around the world, Farming Simulator will further expand its reach through the network of its developer and publisher partners and reach a wider audience in the distribution and promotion of the successful farming game franchise. GIANTS Software will also support local activities with an overall strategy to communicate with and reach out to fans from all over the world.

“We’ve come a long way since we launched our initiative to release our games last year,” says Boris Stefan, Company Director of Giants, who built a coordinated team within the firm in 2020. “Our painstaking preparations have brought us excellent partners. Not only are they perfect choices for our brand, they are also made up of dedicated and talented names as we hoped. Together, we aim to deliver Farming Simulator to all players around the world, wherever they are. ”

Thanks to its global partnership network, GIANTS Software not only increases its reach and brand awareness around the world, but also advances its independence as a game developer publishing its own games. The number of partners to accompany this initiative has already reached twenty-two, and the number will increase further:

astragon Entertainment
Colby, ComputerLand Group Company
Five Star Games
Gamesplanet (Metaboli SA)
Koch Media
Netzah Game
PAN Vision
Play Art
Simactive Distribution
Soft Source
Solutions 2 GO
Thali AG
U&I Entertainment
XD Inc.
GIANTS Software CEO Christian Ammann said: “Together with our new partners, we will ensure that the future of Farming Simulator will deliver extraordinary results for everyone, especially our loyal fans, based on the successful history of the series. “Our streaming team is ready to unleash the full potential of Farming Simulator and we will further grow our communities of players around the world,”

With this global partnership network and its own publishing team, GIANTS Software will expand its future publishing activities and start publishing other developers’ products.


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