With the cooperation of Qualcomm and Google, it will enable artificial intelligence engines to be updated independently, even on old Android devices, to maintain efficiency.

For a long time, we have seen artificial intelligence supported software in our smartphones. These pieces of software, which run on the basis of a standalone neural processor or the main components in the chip, are updated with major operating system updates.

Qualcomm and Google collaboration

According to the statement made at the Google I / O 2021 conference, Google and Qualcomm are collaborating to update their artificial intelligence engines independently of the main system. From now on, these parts will be updated via Play Services.

Even old Android devices or operating systems will be able to receive updates in the partnership, which is aimed to make artificial intelligence processes more efficient and not burdened on the system. Qualcomm states that it will offer this support to all compatible chips.

On the developer side, it will be an advantage to be able to access different versions of a single API in an up-to-date manner. On the end user side, battery and system efficiency is provided. Google Maps and Assistant are among the apps that will benefit from this. Of course, joining other designers such as MediaTek and Samsung will enable more users to benefit from it.


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