Qualcomm continues to work for 5G processors. Now, an announcement has been made for the new generation processors from the company. According to the announcement, the processors that will be used in the future will reach much higher speeds than those currently used.

Some processors manufactured by Qualcomm are already used on 5G supported phones. While the 5G infrastructure works are continuing, the company continues to work without interruption so that smartphones can use the new technology.

5G processors will support higher speed
In recent months, 5G has been mentioned frequently in the technology agenda. However, 5G is still not in use in many countries around the world. The system, which will bring high connection speed and low reactions to users, has been used on some mobile devices. Qualcomm, a pioneer in mobile device processor production, also shared some details for the next generation of processors.

Qualcomm reported that the processors equipped with the X60 will be available starting in 2021. This processor also draws attention with its 5 nm fabrication process. Processors with X55 modem, which are currently in use, were produced with a 7 nm fabrication process and brought to smart phones.

The connection speeds achieved with the X60 are very high. A Qualcomm processor with X60 modem will be able to download with 7.5 Gbps and download with 3 Gbps. On the other hand, processors with the X55 modem could download with 7 Gbps. In the installation, the value of the two modems remained the same as 3 Gbps.

However, the area where the X60 is operable will also grow. The first processor to come with the X60 modem is expected to be Snapdragon 875. This processor will power brands’ flagship models.

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