Steve Mollenkopf, who was at the helm during Qualcomm’s tumultuous 6 years, is retiring. Qualcomm, who is planning to enter the summer months with the new boss, has made the election to the board.

Who is Cristiano Amon?
Since 2014, when Steve Mollenkopf took over Qualcomm, we can say that the company has followed a fluctuating profile. Overcoming the big disappointment with the Snapdragon 810, Mallenkopf tried to make the old forget by turning to customized core designs.

Qualcomm, which develops mid-level Snapdragon processors one after another in the intense competition with MediaTek, has also managed to get a significant share by catching the 5G trend on time.

One of Mollenkopf’s most difficult times was undoubtedly the sales process with Broadcomm. The sale also fell through after Trump clearly blocked the process. During this period, Broadcomm used different methods to get a man to the board of directors; management was quite difficult.

Cristiano Amon, who will take the seat as of June 30, has been in the company since 1995. Amon, who is in charge of the semiconductor division, had achieved significant success in the areas of connectivity and networking.


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