Qualcomm and Apple once had a legal battle over cellular modems and licensing. But now, Qualcomm chairman Cristiano Amon has been praising the Apple M1 chip Apple designed for the Mac. In an interview with Amon The Verge; Apple explained that the success of the M1 is a big step towards the future of computing.

President Amon; “We are very hopeful about the Apple M1. Congratulations to Apple. Basically everything the mobile user has come to expect from the PC experience is delivered with the Apple M1. It confirms our trust in Apple ARM.” used the expression.

Qualcomm president also stressed that Apple’s transition to ARM processors has helped push the entire industry forward.

As an example of the power of Qualcomm Apple M1; It shows the smooth running of Adobe’s ARM-based applications and ushering in a new era in battery performance.

Since Apple’s new chipset Apple M1 is ARM-based, it also offers the possibility to run iOS applications directly from the Mac. Just as a phone wakes up from sleep mode, Macs wake up just as quickly thanks to the M1.

Better than Intel and AMD’s x86 architecture in terms of performance and efficiency, the M1 will likely be the future of the PC. The difference between application and running a program became clear with the M1. While x86-based programs are opened slower, applications open instantly. This allows the Macs that come with the M1 to fully reveal their power.

Apple will now update all its devices with ARM architecture. Finally, it should be noted that Apple, which does not pour water in creating an ecosystem, is currently working on its own 5G modem and is trying to bring this modem to the iPhone 14.


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