Argentine studio Nimble Giant Entertainment announces the release date of its competitive shooter in early access or early access format.

Quantum League, the new FPS of competitive online cut by teams from the Argentine studio Nimble Giant Entertainment, already has a launch date in early access format or early access on Steam. This has been announced by its managers, ensuring that its original shooter proposal through temporary loops will be available on the Valve platform from next May 26.

Face yourself in a loop
Thus, the distinguishing feature of Quantum League compared to many other competitive shooters on the market is that we will face versions of both the past and the future of ourselves through a series of time loops that will happen in real time in the middle of the game .

The clashes take place through both 1v1 and 2v2 teams; The grace of the matter is that as we progress through the game, round after round, copies of ourselves will appear that will resort to mechanics and ways of playing based on our own actions.

Undoubtedly, a game proposal that stands out from the many online shooters that we can find on the market today and that as we can see in its gameplay trailer, promises situations of the most surprising. That yes, on an aesthetic level reminds many other video games, betting on an aesthetic in the style of Overwatch or Fortnite that works so well among young audiences.

At the content level, Quantum League will offer two main game modes with deathmatch and capture the point through 9 different scenarios, in addition to having up to 6 unique characters, each with their own abilities, and up to 6 you love different.

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As long as a more than probable final version of Quantum League does not arrive, from next May 26 we can already test its early access version or early access through Steam.


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