The famous guitarist believes that live artists will have to face serious questions when their tours begin

Queen’s Brian May has said live performers will have to face important ethical questions when the tour kicks off once again after the current global pandemic.

The guitarist, who recently claimed that meat consumption had played a major role in the outbreak, questioned whether it would be appropriate to have a large number of fans gather when social distancing measures are relaxed.

May told the NME portal; “We have been able to reschedule our concerts, but I wonder if we will ask the question whether it is really appropriate to use many of the world’s resources to run.”

“And will it be safe to have thousands of fans in one place and risk some kind, unless we have some way of dealing with an outbreak like this? I hope things work out and we have the antidote to this horrible disease and we can get back to some kind of normalcy and play live. ”

His comments come after Queen was forced to delay her 2021 shows with Adam Lambert, which included a ten-night season at the 02 Arena in London.

May stated this when she was in an interview to promote her release of “Get Up”, a new song that sees her lending his talent to the London band King’s Daughters.


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