The excitement has already peaked with the Radeon graphics Exynos chipset, which Samsung will launch in the upcoming period. The allegations are that it smashed the Apple A14 chipset.

Partnership between Samsung and AMD in the mobile chip world is eagerly awaited. The Exynos chipset with Radeon graphics, which is expected to hit the market late in the year or early in the new year, is allegedly wreaking havoc.

Claim to enter benchmark tests
According to the claims that South Korean sources could not support it very firmly, the mysterious Exynos chipset, which entered the GFXBench tests, managed to get 181.8 fps in the Manhattan 3.1 category, 138.2 fps in the Aztec Ruins category and 58 fps in the Aztec Ruins High category. Apple A14 Bionic reaches 120 fps, 79.9 fps and 30 fps, respectively.

There is no clear information about the Radeon graphics Exynos chipset yet, but AMD’s leaked Ryzen mobile chip has come to the fore with the use of Cortex-A1, Cortex-A78 and RDNA2 technologies. These components are probably also present in the Exynos chipset, which has been tested.

Since Samsung has a long way to go, the architectures that ARM will announce this year may be on the Exynos chipset. On the other hand, Apple A chipset will be stronger in the next generation. As claimed, the Exynos chipset’s leap in the mobile world can completely disrupt the balances.


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