Samsung announced today that it is collaborating with AMD to integrate RDNA graphics technology into Exynos chipsets. The first chip will reach the end of the year.

Samsung and AMD sign one of the most important partnerships in the mobile world. Exynos chipsets with Radeon chipsets, which have been on the agenda several times before, have been officially announced. Studies have begun.

Exynos chipset with Radeon graphics
At the event where the Exynos 2100 chipset was introduced, Samsung made the expected announcement. The Exynos chipset, which includes AMD RDNA technology, is expected to be available in the 2021-2022 time range.

Samsung and AMD have been known to have been collaborating for a while. In fact, a prototype with the name Radeon C7 also leaked to the internet. This prototype featured Cortex-X1, Cortex-A78 and Cortex-A55 cores. On the graphics side, RDNA 2 Mobile appeared.

It is not clear how AMD will contribute yet. South Korean sources state that ARM is also in this cooperation. Along with the more efficient and performance-oriented mobile Radeon graphics unit, Exynos chipsets will likely be the next step. AMD will also have the chance to become the fourth graphics player in the mobile world after the partnership with Qualcomm, ARM and Imagination-Apple.


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