The heartbreaking Radiohead recording of the 2006 Bonnaroo festival, which Jonny Greenwood praised by saying “It was the best festival experience I have had in America”, has been published.

Continuing to broadcast his old concerts through his YouTube account, Radiohead released his 2006 route Bonnaroo, which was considered one of the cult concerts in the band’s career this time. The concert, which took place three years after the band’s Hail to the Thief album and one year before In Rainbows, is considered not only for the lucky minority there, but by most Radiohead fans as one of the band’s best live performances.

You can find the setlist of the band, which includes the songs of the album that has not yet been released, such as 15 Steps, Bodysnatchers, Weird Fishes / Arpeggi, Nude, House of Cards and Videotape. Jonny Greenwood’s “I hope the heat, dust, and smell of fine Southern whiskey comes over as well as the songs – and I hope that we get back to live music soon.” With the message, you can immediately listen and watch the concert announced from the Instagram account below.


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