The competitive conditions in the market will apparently continue to make users happy. Motherboards that will carry Intel’s B560 chipset come with XMP support.

Thanks to AMD’s Ryzen move, Intel, which had to switch to high cores after many years, seems to be giving up some of its restrictions in order to keep up with competitive conditions.

Can also be used on Intel XMP B560 motherboards
According to the latest shared tables, RAMs can be overclocked on B560 motherboards via XMP profiles. The opening of the feature, which is currently reserved only for high-end Z series chipset motherboards, to more users will bring the company to a somewhat more competitive position.

On the other hand, the entry-level H510 chipset will still have RAM overclocking support locked. This means that RAM speeds of up to 2666 MHz or 2999 MHz can be achieved, depending on the processor used in the H510 chipset motherboards.


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