WWE superstar Randy Orton was on After The Bell with Corey Graves

Randy Orton and Corey Graves discussed family life and Orton’s fight against Edge at WWE Backlash this Sunday in the so-called “Best Fight of All Time.”

Orton has created quite a stir on social media recently not only for showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter, but also for claiming to have bought a plane. The former world champion cleared the buzz with Graves.

Orton admits:

“I didn’t buy an airplane”

“I got home and my wife says, ‘What the hell did you say you bought a plane for?’

I do not know. What do you mean?

She says ‘check your social media’ and I flew home after being on the show. It was a private plane. I had a few drinks. We are about to take off, and I was like, ‘oh, look at that.’

I took a photo and am thinking of a comment.

Orton continues:

«They are my social networks. So I tried to write an interesting comment and put that I bought a #greatestribever ‘plane, something like that. So I don’t want to call a lot of guys, but I have several friends who follow me on my social networks.

They congratulated me, ‘hello congratulations on the plane,’ but the biggest surprise I received was when Undertaker texted me and said, ‘yes, some game ladies. You are playing chess. Congratulations on the small plane. And I had to deny it and tell them it was just a joke.

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