A few hours ago, solowrestling had the opportunity to participate in a press conference managed by WWE in which Randy Orton was the protagonist. During the talk, which was held on the occasion of his next meeting against Edge in WWE Backlash, promoted as “the best fight in history”, he left several interesting headlines that we show below.

Let’s start by talking about your past. There have always been rumors that you had a very incorrect and controversial backstage attitude, especially in the first years of your career. How do you see it now with the veteran perspective?

“I did it to cover my insecurities. At the beginning of my career I did not give a shit if I was swimming or if I was sinking, I did not care about the people around me, I only worried about myself because this can be a very selfish and competitive business. For the past few years, especially after working with Jinder Mahal and trying to put over many other kids, I’ve been teaching them the little things I know how to do well. Transmitting that knowledge closes the cycle of a whole story. When I was young, people like Ric Flair or Triple H loved to share their knowledge of the business with me, both outside and inside the ring. Being at this point in my career right now gives me the opportunity to return the favor to the business I have grown up with and which has fed my family for over 20 years. ”

Let’s focus on the present. How would you review your evolution to this day?

“I have achieved a lot in the last 20 years. I signed my first contract with WWE in October 1999 when I was practically a child. In hindsight, I realize that all these years have flown by, I have incredible memories and excellent fighting. I am humble because I know that many of the matches in my career that were considered excellent were largely due to an opponent with whom I shared the ring. I was one of the last guys who had the opportunity to work with the old school generation, people who have the same mentality as me, like Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Triple H, Ric Flair, Booker T …

Comparing races, I know that I have had almost 3,000 fights, and when you get to this point nothing can be summed up in the amount of fights you have had, but in your level of consistency. I admit that there have been situations that slowed me down in my career, a few injuries and suspensions at the beginning, but despite this I think I have been quite consistent. Vince McMahon could come and put me in any situation because he knows I’m going to do my best job. I will always have people like Edge or The Undertaker as a reference, and I have a little left to do to be able to compare myself to them because I’m still a fan. I would say I have things to do in my career before that. ”

Looking ahead, how do you see your retirement?

“I have been working in this business for 20 years and I know I can continue doing it for 10 more years. I just turned 40 and I intend to keep fighting until I turn 50. I think I will be able to do it, to support my family for 30 years fighting for Vince McMahon, the way I tell stories about the ring, facial expressions , the transition sequences … Those are the things that people will remember. ”

Much is being said about the cinematic fighting in WWE, but you starred in one of the originals with the “House of Horrors”. How do you remember that meeting?

“I enjoyed the House of Horrors match because it was different. Vince McMahon had a vision for what it should be like and I think Bray and I did a great job shaping this vision. The difference between that fight and the cinematics of today was the public. We had an audience in the stadium watching the House of Horrors on the big screen, so today you are very disconnected from knowing that fans are not able to see the combat live. I think the fans have already overcome that there are no assistants in the venue, and that’s why I think Vince, all WWE and managers are now betting on things like that. The situation is helping to open up our mentality a little more and encourage creativity. ”

Edge recently admitted to his surprise and discontent when he learned that your WWE Backlash match would be touted as “the best match ever.” What was your reaction

We’ve had it very difficult because of expectations, and given the circumstances fans will know that this is going to be very difficult. It is practically impossible for us to have the best fight in history, the pressure is there and it doesn’t matter how well we do it, and I think that makes it even more interesting. It is a double-edged sword, but let’s try to focus on the positive side, you are going to have an Edge and a Randy Orton very motivated to have the best combat ever. ”

In the last few days you have had a confrontation on Twitter with Tommaso Ciampa, where both of you have discussed the classic and modern styles of professional wrestling. what do you have to say about it?

“Whatever Vince asks me to do, I will do it without problems, if he is working with Tommaso Ciampa, he is a very talented boy and I have a couple of tips that could help him to take off a little towards the top. I know that Ciampa is plagued with injuries, but I understand that he loves and respects this business. The guys at NXT worry me because I see them doing extremely physical things during the matches, things that are dangerous and that put their careers at risk. When you see many matches of that style you are no longer attracted because it is an illogical succession of spots. Even though they are physically incredible, I would not do that kind of fighting because they are going to significantly cut their careers. I am particularly concerned about Ciampa, because after all those great injuries he has to start learning to tell stories and slow down, not to think that fans want to see him die in the ring. ”

“A golden rule of business is that you will always be remembered for the last fight you had. If you’ve only had a 3-4 year career in WWE because of the sheer amount of carefree and stupid moves, you have to rethink, kick yourself, and wish you never had. Be smarter, not harder. You have to make money and not destroy our body in exchange for a few pennies. If you don’t do that, you’re going to end up working at a McDonalds because you broke your neck in a ring and never finished your studies. There has to be a purpose, and that purpose is to make money. That is my biggest concern for the guys at NXT, I would love to stop by and pass on some knowledge. ”


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