American rapper Lil Baby has released a new track in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. The new song is called The Bigger Picture. All proceeds from the release will go to support organizations struggling with racial inequality.

In it, the musician discusses police brutality and protests against racial hatred that invaded the United States. As noted by Pitchfork, he does this with “brutal honesty.”

The track begins with fragments of news reports, as well as with the crowd screaming “I can’t breathe” – “I can’t breathe.” And continues the rapper’s story about his own clashes with the police. “The corrupt police were a problem where I come from,” says Lil Baby, continuing: “But I would have lied if I said that it was all about them.”

Protests in the US have been going on for two weeks. They began after the death of an African American, George Floyd, who was detained on a call about trying to use fake documents or money at a local store. The policeman threw him to the ground and stepped on his throat with his knee, holding him in this position for several minutes and preventing him from breathing. Police officers who have been detained have already been fired. The FBI has launched an investigation into the death of Floyd.

Peaceful protest escalated into real riots with pogroms that swept over two hundred cities in all US states. In dozens of cities, curfews have been imposed; there are dead and injured among both protesters and police officers. Nevertheless, activists began to get their way: the Minnesota prosecutor’s office indicted three former police officers involved in the detention of African-American George Floyd. What is happening in American cities, you can see in our material.


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