The Razer Anzu smart glasses model actually functions as a wireless headset. On the contrary, it can protect the eyes of those who are constantly on the screen with its blue light filter.

The dream of smart glasses in the technology world goes back a long time, but the adventure that started with Google Glass did not end well. Today, smart glasses are mostly appealing to institutions in mobile device capabilities, but a new trend has found its place on the end user side.

Razer Anzu features and price
Many examples from companies such as Bose and Amazon show that smart glasses in the style of accessories will be on the rise. Speakers and microphones stand out as smart features in these glasses.

Razer Anzu has been developed with a similar logic. The tiny speaker inside focuses on good sound quality, while Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity reduces delays to 60 milliseconds. Conversations can also be made with the omni-directional microphone. Music and volume control can be achieved with the touch area on the outside.

The glasses, which can be used up to 5 hours on a single charge, have lenses that filter blue light. Prescription and sun lenses can also be purchased through Razer’s partner Lensabl. Razer Anzu smart glasses have a starting price.


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